Pop Pop Pop Watching Mothafuckas Drop

The badass Sniper from the Red Hair Pirates~ Yasopp!
At your service~



oreosmuffin-deactivated20130703 said: will yu accept me as ur second wife ? .. i'm sick of being kizaru-san's fiancee ..

… No. Never.

Anonymous said: Can I have your number?


askdluffy-deactivated20130411 said: OI! Yasopp you're back~

Yeah… Hey Luffy~ -pat pat- You can call me “dad” if you like. Just saying.



It has finally happened. My son wants to disown me as his father. Captainā€¦ can you hold me for a little?

of courseā€¦ *pats on back*

-sob sob-

Anonymous said: If you had a dog, what would its name be and what would it look like?

His name would be Mopsy and he would be a Komondor! (ooc: there is no way in hell I’m attempting to draw that kind of dog… )

Anonymous said: Hohohoho *evil eyes* , oh yasopp my dear look what have i fuond *grins* look what are they doing to your little baby ;)


Anonymous said: " if you ware n' the street .. let'z say near to a bar .. u've seen a punch of drunk men trying to kidnap a women .. that beauty scream for help " as a gentel man what would you do ? ..

I don’t know what language this is.

Anonymous said: Dread locks ftw! *high-five*

They are pretty awesome, huh?

Anonymous said: Would you have sex with someone with the perfect body of the opposite sex, but your face?

Cheat on my wife with some chick that has my wife’s body and my face? Why in the hell…

My wife is flawless you know…

It has finally happened. My son wants to disown me as his father. Captain… can you hold me for a little?

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