Pop Pop Pop Watching Mothafuckas Drop

The badass Sniper from the Red Hair Pirates~ Yasopp!
At your service~



Anonymous said: pfft, Fuck Van Auger, he's got nothing on you:D


sire-jaculate said: [/rejection gonk] ; A ; b-b-but I'm not THAT noisy... plus you can borrow my conditioner [/shifty eyes] I won't tell anyone else B) so, what you say?

By “Fuck that noise” I mean “Fuck everything that goes with having a daughter”! Do you know how protective I am of my SON… imagine a daughter? That would be too much!

Sweety, conditioner will just loosen my dreads…

sire-jaculate said: You seem to have a lot of sons, so I have two questions - 1) Are you secretly Rupert Graves? 2) Can I be your daughter? 8'D

Who the hell is Rupert Graves?

And I was in a vulnerable place when I adopted Luffy and the Pikachu… I don’t need any more children. Least of all A DAUGHTER. Fuck that noise.

Baby, don’t be mad! I am here now!

Anonymous said: I think Van Auger is gonna kill you.

Well, thank you for those encouraging words. Van Auger can kiss my ass.

Fucking anons.



Yes it does!

And a Pikachu, if you want!

Well, we both got blonde hair… so, I guess, like, 1?

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It has finally happened. My son wants to disown me as his father. Captain… can you hold me for a little?

D-Dad that’s not what I meant! I was just saying since we’re both pirates and all! You’re still my dad no matter what! 

Oh… I knew that… I was just testing you.

NO! OF COURSE YOU CAN’T CALL ME YASOPP! YOU ARE MY SON! YOU HAVE TO CALL ME DAD! Or daddy or pops or old man or father or pa or … padre?

But not “Yasopp”. Forget that name. It does not exist for you. If you love me, you will just call me dad! (or a synonym of it.)

Anonymous said: i want hair like yours. > u < What do you think Usopp's past nakama's? Ussop Pirates?

It is fabulous.

I have no idea who they are… They better have treated my son well…