Pop Pop Pop Watching Mothafuckas Drop

The badass Sniper from the Red Hair Pirates~ Yasopp!
At your service~



askamarine-deactivated20111210 said: I've been meaning to ask this... What does your page title have to do with anything? Aren't you married .-.?

I have a gun. I shoot people. It’s what I do…

Anonymous said: Did you know that your son was being chased by giant man-eating plants for two years, and then got seduced by Nami the very second they met eachother again? That boy needs a lesson, in both survival and manners, Shame on you.

He became the man he is today and got so much swag the ladies throw themselves at him.

Yeah, he’s terrible. Usopp! Smarten up!

Oh, Ok. I’ll just leave him a message here…

YO BOSS! You gotta stop forgetting to pay your whores!

sire-jaculate said: That's what brothers are for B) and I was just wondering why you braided your hair. [/plays with dreads] they're so funky though ; 3 ;


Ah, it’s not braided! Dreadlocks! It’s different. As for why I chose this style… well, I like my hair but loose strands in the eyes when shooting is a huge pain in the balls, ya know?

vinsiarchive said: touches your face tenderly

Well, that isn’t creepy at all, sir.

mynameishedgehog said: Hey dad? Does mama know you adopted Luffy and me?

Uhm… I don’t … I don’t know…

tamura-chama-deactivated2012070 said: can i be your mistress? i dont charge

Sweety, if you charged you wouldn’t be a mistress you would be a whore.

And as much fun as all this sounds~ I’m a married man!

…j-just to make sure… I just… USOPP!?! ;A;

Anonymous said: if you were the president, what will you do?

President of what?



Baby, don’t be mad! I am here now!

Well that sucks…Cuz i gotta go for the weekend. To watch Merry and Sunny -pouts-

… I’ll talk to you when you get back then…

I’ll miss you…