Pop Pop Pop Watching Mothafuckas Drop

The badass Sniper from the Red Hair Pirates~ Yasopp!
At your service~



Anonymous said: Voltaire once said "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong". What is your opinion of this? -- Quizzler

Who the hell is Voltaire…

Sounds pretty legit though.

Well, I can’t be a good husband… might as well try to be a decent… father figure. -pets- There ya go kiddo!

… I’ll come back when I can.

askusoppu said: Hey, Dad! Thank you for the amazing genes I have.

Thank your mother. She is the one you got to thank.

Anonymous said: /kidnaps your wife

If you’re not brave enough to show your face, I don’t believe that you’re brave enough to take on my wife. I’m just sayin.

serena-christopher said: How are you today, Yasopp-san?

… Ah, you probably asked this a while ago but, I’m good. Thank you for asking.

askdadan-deactivated20111121 said: OOC: whoa *_* sudden background change

(ooc: yep. I was bored.)

tamura-chama-deactivated2012070 said: Well atually, by charge i mean steal all your money and by mistress i mean im gonna rape you. :3

Oh, silly me. How could I have not known.

You know I’m handy with a gun right?

Anonymous said: Did you and Banchina have a honey mooon~?

What do you think?

sire-jaculate said: [/shifty eyes] I KNEW THAT. [/ahem] A pain in the balls for you or those you shoot?... why did glitterballs jsut come to mind as the thought of you versus Kizaru? WHY? Papa please can I borrow the mind bleach? ; A ;

For me! Have you ever gotten hair in your face while you try to concentrate? Shit sucks!

Glitterballs. Benn got Kizaru covered… ((ooc: ME VERSUS MYSELF!?))

Sure~ have at it, kid. No one needs Kizaru’s balls in their mind.