Pop Pop Pop Watching Mothafuckas Drop

The badass Sniper from the Red Hair Pirates~ Yasopp!
At your service~



mynameishedgehog said: @U@ I get my own cape! Yaay! You're the best dad!


Anonymous said: Dude, change the background back to normal, it's hard to read. I had to highlight all the words.

Don’t tell me what to do.

the-quizzler said: Mr. Yasopp, sadly I am not sure if you have answered this already or not, so I am apologizing ahead of time in case you were already asked this. What was your reason for joining Red Hair Pirates?

Banchina encouraged me to follow my dream of becoming a great Pirate. Having all this freedom is great.

Anonymous said: We, are, all, a, part, of, the, uni, verse. We, are, all, one. So, when, they, touch, your, son. They, also, touch, that, old, hag, Kureha. Well, i'm done with talking like that now. Time for some slepp. P.S Don't tell that hag I was here.

Yeah, I didn’t read past “uni.verse”.

How in the bloody hell do you think I got her pregnant…

mynameishedgehog said: Waa! Dad! Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!! The weight of the cloak is keeping me pinned!

No more wearing my cape… I’ll get you your own some day!

ichigootaku said: Would it make you feel better knowing the cook and the swordsman from Luffy's crew basically "saved" Usopp from previously mentioned incident with the Foxy Pirates?

No… sort of… I don’t know anymore.

Cuz it’s SO cute and perfect.

Its like a sniper… octopus. That is so badass.

He got some nice dreads.

He also, got some nice dreads.

With the red and the scar on its eye… it’s sorta like my captain.

GUN ARMS. Nothing more cool then that.

… Son…

… OTL I can’t even protect my son…

I’m a terrible father.